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Hostel – Party in Belgrade

In Hostel 40 Belgrade party season is all the time. Hostel 40 Garden Park is a brand new place that will satisfy all of your needs for perfect holiday, fun and hanging out with friends. Kind and friendly staff is available 24 hours a day, and will answer to every request of yours and provide you with all the necessary information. In the big garden of the Hostel you will be served with free welcome drink, and free coffee and tea are available during whole day.

Visit us and enjoy.


Hostel 40 Belgrade

Hostel is a completely new facility that is specially designed to provide comfort and a sense of pleasure.


Hostel Accommodations

Come and see for yourself why our guests think that we are the best hostel that they have ever visited.


Hostel Garden

Our backyard garden provides special moments of relaxation and peace after a busy day in town.


Hostel Reservations

Reservations are made through our website, or you can write to our e-mail address.

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About Hostels

The concept of hostels is almost a hundred years old. It all began as an idea by German professor Richard Schirmmann who wanted to give poor young boys who lived in big cities a chance to get some fresh air and leave urban environment for short periods of time. This idea was as following : They will get really cheap accommodation so they can afford going on holiday but in turn they were obligated to maintain the hostel, do the house work, keep the place clean all in order to cut down costs. The idea rapidly spread overseas and eventually resulted in Hostelling international, an organization composed of more than 90 different Youth Hostel associations representing over 4500 Youth Hostels in over 80 countries.

Some Youth hostels focus more on school age children and students, others on accommodating parents with children while some are specifically intended for those who are traveling in order to experience new culture. Hostels can be located near the city center for those who prefer city tourism or on mountains and plains for ones who are more of the out door person. Despite their name, in most countries membership is not limited to youth. There are also independent hostels, the one which do not belong to any hostelling organization.

Unlike a hotel chain where everything is standardized, these hostels can be very diverse and colorful with many interesting facilities. They are usually founded by enthusiast who were backpackers themselves in their youth. With the industry growth and with increasing demand from visitors hostels have transformed in recent years. They have upgraded their service in every possible way. Today we even have something called boutique hostel which is a term for a high class hostel with near hotel accommodation and service. In future we can only expect that hostels will get better and better and offer more and more services.