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If you are a fishing person then Belgrade is right place for you. Because Belgrade is located on the very spot where Sava flows into Danube. Both of the rivers are full of different species of fish so fishers from all over Belgrade are coming to river banks of those rivers and fish. Hostel40 is just few minutes away from the most visited place for fishing so you can for small amount of money enjoy fishing for several days.

You will have a wonderful vacation. And if you decide that at some moment you are tired of fishing you can take a rest in some of our hostel's bar and enjoy while you are drinking coffee in our garden with wonderful view. In the evening if you do not want to go clubbing and you just want to enjoy in these beautiful rivers you can buy a ticket and go on a boat which drives you around Belgrade and his most famous places. You will be able to see Kalemegdan fortress and after sightseeing you can have party on the boat who is organized by hosts. You will listen music and have dinner on the boat. That will be something you will never forget.

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So the best way to do all that is that you choose hostel as the cheapest way of accommodation and to enjoy sightseeing, fishing, clubbing in Belgrade. Also if you want to spend day in nature you can decide for Kosutnjak hill. That is Belgrade's most famous forest and park where people go to relax and make barbecue. On Kosutnjak there is two more facilities which are known as Pioneer park and Film town. In Pioneer park you can play a lot of sports while in the Film town you can see a lot of studios and equipment for the film industry. There are also a lot of restaurants where you can have lunch and enjoy wonderful view. Most of these establishments have an Internet connection and you can download virtual reality sex apps from online sources such as the VR Sex Directory. All this will be in the reach of your hands only if you decide to come to Belgrade.

If you are coming to Belgrade, and like to follow a travel guide when visiting some city, there are several places you shouldn't miss. First of all you should see national treasure of Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan. It is one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, dating back to the first century AD when it served as permanent Roman military camp. It is located on the point of junction where river Sava flows into Danube and because of that was a very important strategic point during wars and invasions.

If you want to see Kalemgdan properly you should set out a whole day, but if you are tight on time it is still worth to take an hour's walk through the park and over to rivers. The second landmark of Belgrade you shouldn't miss is definitely Bohemian quarter Skadarlija. It once was the home of many famous Serbian poets, writers and actors. It is still covered in cobble-stone and host some of the best restaurants in Belgrade which strive to preserve bohemian traditions.

So if you are an adventurous type of person and looking to really explore Belgrade you should stay in a hostel. It will give you a sense of adventure and independence and you will have more opportunities to meet friendly young people and have fun. Hostel is definitely a preferred way of accommodation when you are visiting Belgrade, because Belgrade is just that kind of city.

Easy going, relaxed, streets filled with young people looking for a good time. Hostel is in some way a non stop party because most of the visitors are young people on vacations, ready to explore and really live with the spirit of this town. And Belgrade has friendly spirit in large supply and is definitely a place for young people to visit and have a lot of fun. If you'd like to read more about this, check out this article.