Belgrade’s nightlife

If you are traveling to Serbia, specially in Belgrade, the best time for coming is summer. During the summer Serbia has a very nice climate, with comfortable but not very hot temperature during the day so it is suitable for sightseeing. Belgrade has a reputation of city bustling with nightlife. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, coffehouses, clubs and barges which are spread along the coast line of Sava and Danube rivers and represent something truly special in Belgrade's nightlife which neither city on Balkan has.

You can choose depend on your music taste. There are a lot of clubs in Belgrade which play regular club music. If you want to experience the true spirit of Serbia you should go to the some of the most famous barges in Belgrade. There you can find a lot of tourists who are coming from whole Europe, specially Balkan an you won't have language difficulties. Or you can choose between them and Skadarlija which is an old bohemian neighborhood where all Belgrade's famous actors and singers gather and drink.

Even the respected magazine Times reported that the best nightlife in whole Europe can be found in Belgrade and they put him on the first spot as a town with best nightlife on Balkan. In the last couple of years number of tourists started to increase. Every year during the summer the city is filled with a lot of young people who are tourists from all over the world. Whether they are coming for festivals or for nightlife they always enjoy and come back again. Belgrade offers them a variety of hostels where is cheap and where they do not have to spend a large amount of money. Conclusion is if you want to have fun, not to spend a lot of many, come to Belgrade, stay in a hostel and enjoy sightseeing because there is a lot to be seen. Your vacation will be unforgettable.

There are many ways to get to Belgrade. First, if you are coming from a distant country you can travel by plane.Belgrade airport , Nikola Tesla, is relatively close from city centre, some 10 kilometers and there is of course a taxi service on the airport. If you are coming from a nearby country you can come by bus. Bus is considerably cheaper and the main bus station is located near city centre, only few minutes away from Hostel40. Traveling by bus can be a little exhausting and roads in Serbia are in bad shape so a journey by bus can take a long time.

There is a more comfortable and less expensive option and that is traveling by train. But you should know that trains in Serbia are very slow and old and people from Europe can find them strange. Main train station is next to the bus station so it is also very near Belgrade city center and Hostel40. If you are staying in Hostel40 downtown Belgrade is at a walking distance away. If you want you can rent a car but as Belgrade is a metropolis his traffic is very congested.

You can also sea Belgrade from it's rivers by taking a boat. You can breathe fresh air and enjoy incredible sightseeing. Also there are bike tracks all over the city so that is another way to experience sightseeing. In Hostel40 there is also rent a bike service. But of course it is always best to see town on foot. That way you can really feel true spirit of Belgrade.

That way of sightseeing can provide you an opportunity to see a lot of beautiful buildings modern and old, have a drink in one of the famous Belgrade restaurants and maybe meet some new friends. Belgrade is just a perfect city for that.