Cheapest hostels in Belgrade

When traveling on holiday many people want to stay only at luxury hotels because they can provide you delicious meals, modern surroundings and service on a higher level. Also many people have a lot of old fashioned prejudices about staying in a youth hostel. Those prejudices usually include that hostels are stingy, dirty and unfriendly places. That is no longer truth because in today modern day environment hostels started to provide their services on a much higher level.

Hostels became places where you can have great accommodation for a significantly less price than in a hotel. Still there are several differences between a hotel and a hostel. Hostels tend to be budget oriented. Also for those who prefer formal environment hotel is a better choice, hostels usually provide friendlier and informal atmosphere. The social factor of hostels is increased by dormitory factor and more common areas so hostels are a better choice for those who prefer to socialize with their fellow guests.

Hostels are recommended for young people looking for a good time. Also there is less privacy than in a hotel, because sharing sleeping a dormitory is quite different than staying in a hotel room and this might not be comfortable for those requiring a little more privacy, like couples on vacation. But this lack of privacy could also be an advantage because you will have more opportunities to socialize and meet new people. It must be said that security can be a problem when you are staying in a hostel. Because of shared dormitories there are opportunities for thieves and that can sometimes give you a headache. Because of that many hostels provide safety deposit boxes for your valuables and private lockers for your every day needs. In conclusion staying in a hostel doesn't mean that you will not have a vacation that you deserve.

If you are a kind of person who likes to try different national cuisine than you will not be disappointed when you come to Belgrade. Serbian national cuisine is very colorful, strong but above all very tasty. First of all meat is always on the menu. It comes in various forms but grilled meat is characteristic for Serbian cuisine. There are also various forms of minced meat, cevapi being the most famous one.

Two drinks are characteristic for Serbia. A dairy product called Jogurt and strong alcoholic beverage called Sljivovica. Because of this specific national cuisine you should maybe consider staying in a hostel. Although being a less comfortable option than a traditional hotel, staying a hostel has one advantage when being in a country like Serbia. It offers you an opportunity to go out and explore all kinds of national meals and it does not limits you to hotel meals. Hostel40 is a very suitable hostel to do just that because it is on a walking distance from dozens of famous Belgrade restaurants.

In the bohemian quarter Skadarlija you can probably find the best national restaurants and really experience Belgrade as it was hundred years ago. Also in Belgrade city center you can find all sorts of excellent restaurants, the ones with Serbian cuisine and the ones which offer you various international cuisines.

By popular opinion the best Belgrade restaurants are Madera and Frans. There you will find real five star food and service. In Hostel40 we will provide you with instruction how to get to what ever restaurant you want and even call to reserve you a table. If in some case you find Belgrade restaurants a bit expensive don't worry. In Belgrade there is a large choice of fast food restaurants where prices are low and quantities are like nowhere in the world.