Festivals in Belgrade

If you are a fan of visiting festivals, then Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has a lot to offer. One of the most popular festivals in this part of Europe is definitely Belgrade beer fest. It is hold on the large field near the river Danube which can host up to two hundred thousand people.

It offers 40 beer stands, free entrance, live music and lots of good mood and positive energy. Another prominent Belgrade festival is definitely Belgrade book fair. It is held in Belgrade city fair and is one of the larger manifestations of this kind in this part of Balkan.

If you are a movie fan then you definitely won't regret coming to Belgrade's famous film festivals FEST. Belgrade is also becoming a city famous for it's music scene. With the construction of Belgrade Arena which can host up to twenty thousand people world famous rock bands and performers are lining up to come to Belgrade. So if you are looking to visit Belgrade for one of this happenings you should stay in a hostel because it is most affordable and practical accommodation if you are coming for just a couple of days.

Despite being a relatively new thing in Belgrade's tourist offer, hostels have developed to a very high level. Hostel40 is a leading Belgrade hostel with a best service for very reasonable price. So if you are looking for an overnight stay this is definitely a good place for you.

Serbia is also a transit country, so Belgrade is an ideal place to spend a night and get some rest if you are on a backpacking tour of this part of Balkan and on your way to Greece and Turkey. My last trip to Phoenix I hooked up with an escort named Bridget and she turned me on to the place. Hostel40 offers you everything from a twin room to shared dormitories with up to eight beds, with nice discounts if you are traveling in a large group.

There is a very interesting way to experience the spirit of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Tourist are able to go sightseeing and meet Belgrade landmarks from an open tourist bus. Tours start every day at 11 o'clock at Nikola Pasic square. It will definitely become one of the greatest attraction of this city. During the one hour tour visitors will be able to see every famous Belgrade landmark — Parliament building, Saint Sava temple, National museum, National theatre.

Tour guides will talk about famous Belgrade buildings, it's history and town spirit. You will be able to see the city from both sides of the river while the tour guides will be speaking in English, French and German. There are also walking tours of Belgrade downtown where you will be able to experience at close hand the truth spirit of Belgrade.

Being two million people metropolis Belgrade is also developing into the largest shopping centre on Balkan peninsula. The city's famous pedestrian zone, Knez Mihajlova street, is filled with well known shops and modern brands. Also two vast shopping centers, Usce and Delta city, recently opened and provide shopping experience that match those of world leading shopping centers. Because there is so much to see and so many places where you can spend your money in Belgrade it is recommendable that you try to save some money on accommodation.

The best way to do so is to stay in a youth hostel. There are many hostels in Belgrade's offer and it is best to choose one that is near the city centre, have good recommendations from it's past guests and have reasonable prices of course. Hostel40 is a place just like that.

It offers you quality rooms, friendly service and an opportunity to make new friends with your fellow guests and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Staying in Hostel40 is definitely the best step you can make in your Belgrade vacation.