Holiday in Belgrade Hostel40

You are planning a holiday in Belgrade? There are a few general things which would be good for you to know about the capital of Serbia. First of all by western standards Belgrade is a relatively cheap city and prices are generally lower than anywhere in the European Union. But that is no reason for you to splurge. So the best way of accommodation is to stay in a hostel of course. Hostels also have lower prices than in the more developed countries. As for the location of the hostel, it is best to find one near the city center. Hostel40 is one of those, just a few minutes from all important points in Belgrade. Second of all, transport.

Belgrade has a lot of buses. Really a lot of. So it might be a difficult for you to manage in which to sit. It's always better to ask for directions and the staff in Hostel40 will always be glad to give you them. You can take a taxi but that is of course a little more expensive option. Where to eat? Serbian cuisine is very strong and tasty. You should definitely visit some of the national restaurants, preferably in Skadarlija, the old bohemian quarter, which just 10 minutes away from Hostel40.

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But if restaurants are too expensive for you, don't be worried. Belgrade is famous for having a lot of fast food restaurants, which are really cheap and one thing is sure. You will not stay hungry after pljeskavica. There are a several of those fast food joints near the Hostel40 so you will not stay hungry when visiting Belgrade. Tap water is safe to drink so you will not need to spend money on bottled water. And if you became home sick Belgrade has a lot of international restaurants and pubs which will take you back home for those couple of hours that you will spend there.

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If you are planning to travel to eastern Europe you should definitely visit Belgrade because it is one of the biggest cities of the region with a rich historical and cultural heritage. But Belgrade is not just an old city, it is a modern metropolis, famous for it's night life, excellent restaurants and a variety of vacation facilities. If you are traveling on a tight budget hostel is an obvious choice for you. Hostels have many advantages. Staying in a hostel offers you an opportunity to meet new, interesting young people from all over the world.

Hostels are known for having a friendly atmosphere, positive mood, and being a non stop party. That is a perfect way to stay in Belgrade because the capital of Serbia is known for being a party town. Belgrade has the best nightlife in whole Europe without a question. Many people come just on weekends to experience this and the cheapest accommodation is definitely a hostel. Most of the Belgrade hostels are centrally located, just a short walk away from downtown Belgrade. If you plan a vacation in Belgrade during some of the city's famous festivals such as Belgrade beer fest you can either rent an apartment or stay in a hostel.

Belgrade is the best city in the world for this kind of weekend tourism. Also a crown jewel in Belgrade nightlife are famous rafts which are located along the river coastline, near most of the hostels. You should travel to Belgrade if you want to experience the richest club scene in whole Balkan. If you are a demanding traveler you should decide for a simpler, but more expensive solution, of renting an apartment because staying in a hostel can sometimes be a little frustrating. Sharing a dormitory with a lot of other people can test limits of your tolerance. You can read this post for more on this topic.