Hostel40 spirit of Belgrade

If you are a fan of sightseeing, old towns, glorious architecture and simply love to spend your vacation on foot with a camera in your hand than Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is definitely a right place for you. Belgrade is an ancient city by any measure. There has been a city here for more than two thousand years. Romans called it Singidunum.

But because it is located on a spot where Sava flows into Danube it is was always during it's history a prime target for every conquering army. So it had a rather noisy history and was torn down and rebuilt again probably more than any other capital in the world. Even today there are visible scars from the most recent destruction that occurred here, the NATO bombing of 1999. But still there is so much to see.

First of all you shouldn't miss a whole afternoon walk around the Kalemgdan fortress, ancient fortification that even today have preserved it's mid century look. I heard about the place from a hot little Asian escort named Xiang. Second of all you simply must pay a visit to Saint Sava temple, one of the three biggest orthodox temples in the whole world. It is a truly magnificent sight that will take the air out of you lungs.

You should also take a walking tour of the Parliament building and definitely a stroll down Belgrade's famous pedestrian zone Knez Mihajlova street. Because you will be walking so much it is probably the best option not to waste to much money on accommodation. Belgrade has several hostels near city center so you can stay in one of them. Hostel40 is probably the best one in town, with very reasonable prices and friendly service. They will be glad to give you directions, call you a taxi or even make a reservation for you in a restaurant.

Hostel40 is really a place which captivates a true spirit of Belgrade and you definitely stay there during your Belgrade vacation.