The Best Accommodation For You

If you consider yourself as sporty person and you like to have a lot of recreation outdoors and a truly competitive spirit, Belgrade the capital of Serbia has a lot to offer. First of all, there is Belgrade marathon the biggest manifestation on the whole Balkan peninsula. Belgrade marathon attracts a lot of tourists, some of them are runners from the whole world and others are just spectators. There are three races, the first is of course the longest and that is race 42 kilometers long, the other is a half marathon and the third is a f un run which is only 5 kilometers long.

The best accommodation for you if you are coming to Belgrade to participate in marathon is to stay in a hostel. Hostel40 is located in the city center where race is beginning. If you are not that athletic you can always choose to participate in the fun run which is a great opportunity to walk true whole Belgrade which is on that day closed for traffic and you can enjoy sightseeing. The route is from the city center and then trough the longest street in Belgrade King Aleksandar boulevard, then to the quiet neighborhood of Vracar through roundabout Slavija and back to Belgrade city center.

In Hostel40 there is an after marathon party and if you have run than whole race the drink is on the house. Belgrade also have great swimming facilities. To start with the natural one, Belgrade lake Ada is 4 kilometers long and Belgrade triathlon is held there. There are also several swimming pools open and closed, enough to suite everyone's needs. Hostel40 is very near the oldest and the prettiest Belgrade's swimming pool, Tasmajdan. In Belgrade there are also biking tracks that follow the river Sava and Danube's coastline so it is a good way to spend a day outside. In Hostel40 there is a rent a bike service you can use and hostels itself is just five minutes away from the river. While indoors, take advantage of the Internet to have a little innocent sexual fun by downloading porn apps from sites such as Grand Appy.

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When you are visiting Belgrade the cheapest way of accommodation is to stay in a hostel. Hostels are the best way of staying when you are young, sociable and when your holiday is budget oriented. Hostels are relatively new concept in Belgrade touristic history. But in that short period of time they became very popular and largely praised by tourists who visited Belgrade recently. If you are a backpacker hostel is a an obvious choice for you when you are coming to Belgrade. First advantage of Hostel40 is that it is situated in downtown Belgrade.

A big plus for our visitors is that Hostel40 is only 3 minutes on foot away from the main train and bus station and just a 45 minutes drive from the airport. Central Belgrade street, Knez Mihajlova street, is only 5 minutes away. It is a long pedestrian zone, with lots of shops, restaurants, coffeehouses, always filled with people even in the late nights hours. If you enjoy spending time in nature Hostel40 is a very good choice. The largest park in the city centre, Tasmajdan park, is just a short walk away and it will offer you an unforgettable day in a healthy, clean environment.

Also near the hostel is Belgrade botanical garden where you can see exotic plants, trees that are hundreds of years old and a beautiful Japanese garden. If you are not a fan of city noise our hostel is only 300 meters away from the rivers Sava and Danube, the perfect get-away and junction of these rivers is one of the most beautiful sights in Belgrade. And if you want a faster way to see Belgrade rivers you can rent a bike and ride it along the whole coast. To summarize Hostel40 is the best way of staying in Belgrade because it is located in the heart of old part of Belgrade. Take a read of this post for more.