What to visit in Belgrade

There are two thing about Belgrade that are probably unique on whole Balkan peninsula and maybe in the whole world. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a two million people town, has a large zoo in the hearth of the city centre and a very big lake just 5 kilometers from downtown Belgrade. Let’s start with the zoo. It was founded way back in 1936. and went a long way from being an insignificant dirt area with just a couples of cages and only ten animals to it’s today’s look.

Today Belgrade zoo has an amazing collection of animals from all over the world and is one of the biggest attraction of this city. One of the most incredible features of Belgrade zoo is a family of white lions who only lives in captivity and there are only two hundred of them in the whole world. Belgrade zoo has ten of them. Belgrade zoo also hosts the world oldest alligator, named Muja, who is about 80 years old. Because of all this interesting facts the Belgrade zoo is a very popular place among tourists but famous Belgrade lake Ada is as interesting as the zoo. During the summer tourist from all over the Balkan peninsula swarm on this Belgrade lake.

It has a lot of day time activities including bujni jumping, water ski, and a variety of water sports. You can also rent a bike there and spend a lovely day in the nearby woods where you can have picnic. But Ada is also very interesting during the night because all cafes turn into night clubs and are filled with young people looking for a good time. There is just one downside about Ada: There are no hostels around it so the only way to get there is by bus from Belgrade city centre. To summarize : Despite being a large metropolis there are a lot of places which can provide you a vacation you have never dreamed of.

There are many reasons to make a trip to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. First of all the nightlife. It is not just some rumor, Belgrade nightlife is recognized in world famous magazines and web sites for being maybe even the best in the whole world. You have a selection of excellent clubs with disco house music played by international star DJs, a lot of places where you can hear really good rock music and if you are in mood for something truly different then you should visit some club where you have live domestic music.

But what is really a crown jewel of Belgrade nightlife are party barges along the coastline of Sava and Danube. That is something nowhere in the world can be found and something you definitely shouldn't miss when you are coming to Belgrade. Second of all a rumor has it that Serbian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. That is no rumor it is a rock solid fact. You cannot something like that anywhere in the world besides maybe at some fashion show. So what more you need?

Best clubs in the world filled with the most beautiful girls in the world. I think that is surely enough for you to plan your next holiday in Belgrade. As for accommodation Belgrade has a large offer of hostels. Most of them are located near the city center and have very reasonable prices. One of the best is Hostel40 located just three minutes from main bus and train station and just five minutes from downtown Belgrade.

In Hostel40 you can find everything from twin rooms to eight bed dormitories, very friendly staff and all in all a great atmosphere where you can meet new people and have a really good time. Hostel40 is a place where you can catch a spirit of Belgrade and is an excellent first step on your vacation.